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Start Me Up

Raised on radio and growing up in Bayonne, New Jersey in the shadows of New York City.  I had access to the greatest rock stations in the country, The name of my station, PMBRock Radio, is based on my kindergarten days when my Dad would drive me to school and I would yell from the back seat, "Dad, Push the Middle Button" which in Dad's Red Datsun was WABC in New York City.  I graduated to WNBC then to WPLJ, WPIX, 99X and WNEW with some education from WDHA and WSOU.  My two favorite NYC DJs are Carol Miller and Pat St. John.

My music collection currently consists of 1900 CD's and 25K of songs and newly added...300 vinyl albums (this has its own story).  All of them purchased.  My genre of choice is rock, mainly from 1967-1985. But it doesn't end there. I grew up with Kiss and went through my teen years with Maiden, Priest, etc.  I love all types of music and if it fits into my playlist, it will get played.
The toughest thing for me to do is list my favorite bands, songs, albums, etc.  Today could be vastly different from yesterday and will change tomorrow.

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