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As an avid listener of classic rock, I have probably heard everything there is to listen from this music category, or so I thought. Sometimes you hear a song or songs differently and a feeling comes over you. I can almost call it religious, if I was a religious person. 

On one occasion, as I was walking around the track, I decided to listen to Electric Ladyland by Hendrix.  Now, I have heard this album / CD countless times – sometimes from first to last track, and some times just select songs.  As I was in the middle of listening on this day, I suddenly had to stop in my tracks and say to myself (or whomever was in earshot), Holy Shit! what an album!!  I was blown away.  Maybe it was the result of exercising or the beautiful summer day, or the alignment of the stars, but this album never sounded better.

On another occasion, thanks to my 18,000 song IPOD, a song by Deep Purple came on “Child in Time”. Again, I am sure I have heard this tune many times (or maybe not) but it popped up on my IPOD randomly.  As usual, the volume was cranked and I listened to this song all the way through, which his 10+ minutes.  Again, I thought I recall a tear coming down my face.  What a damn song!  The power and the vocals were amazing.  Where was this song my entire life?

One would think this reaction shouldn’t happen to someone who declares himself a music aficionado.  Actually, it is somewhat embarrassing, especially, when it happened again just recently.

I was preparing to update my Live365 play-list and I was going through my 18k+ song database and I came across YES.  All through my music life, I was never captivated with YES. I enjoyed the typical Roundabout, Your’s is No Disgrace, etc.  Although I have their 80’s albums: 90125 and Talk ( I believe I bought Talk inadvertently through Columbia House when I didn’t send back the card saying I didn’t want the CD of the month, like many of you have done).  I digress: I clicked on The Calling from the Talk album, which I may have heard once or twice.  Again, BOOM!!  I cranked the volume up very loud and the song hit me like a ton of lead.  So I started listening to other songs from TALK and 90125 and eventually listened to all the YES songs I had in my collection. 

The “The Deep Yes Experience” is like buying a new CD or discovering new music, just in my case, it is not a new band but an old one in the genre I love.  My music collection suddenly exploded from within.  Plus, the Deep Purple experience forced me to quickly go out and buy the rest of their catalogue, especially the early years.

So when someone says “Rock is Dead”,respond with “maybe so, but it is being re-born.” And if someone says why are you listening to that old group, respond with, “if I am hearing it for the first time, it is new”

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